2017 Training Calendar for CERT Team




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  Essential supplemental classes for all active team members

     Series of trainings necessary for members training to be CERT CP Leaders

January 13


1800 - 2200 CERT Operations Protocols, old and new (check-ins, buddies & team size, size-up, communications, SOP's, debriefs, accountability and more.) 
Also, critical updates to our Island Assessment System (damage & other assessments along 6 pre-defined routes).  All active team members should make effort to attend; this information is very important for everyone to understand thoroughly.      



January 14


0900 - 1100 Quick tours of two fire stations:  Burton 56 and Tahlequah 57.  Get familiar with physical plant so you can be comfortable working at that station if assigned there.  Generator training and practice will be at Tahlequah.  Tour starts at Burton station; meet there at 0900.

Burton & Tahlequah fire stations


January 20     Friday          


1800 - 2200 CERT Refresher for past graduates who want to re-join the active team.  Update on new policies, disaster medical and SAR review, CERT organization, becoming a Registered Emergency Worker, new CERT training and participation requirements.              


Jan 20 at Farcy building.
January 22 Sunday


 0900 - 1200 Hike to learn the trails (and two dozen places to take a wrong turn & get lost) in Island Center Forest.  A great way to learn the park and spend quality time with CERT colleagues. Meet at main parking lot, 1/2 mile west of V. Hwy at west end of 188th SW
January 26         


1800 - 2130 Basic first aid, CPR and Heimlich (for choking).  Offered by Medic First Aid International.  Instructor is CERT member Vern Trevellyan who teaches this class for $42 per person.  Includes a first aid manual.  This is NOT an official CERT class, but is recommended.    EOC Sign up with Vern Trevellyan ctrevellyan@comcast.net


February 4            


0900 - 1400 Disaster preparedness and safety for households.  Topics include how to stock food and other essentials for 2 weeks of isolation; how Vashon will tick in an extended power outage and after a big earthquake; fire, gas and electrical safety; fire prevention at home in a disaster and every day; how Neighborhood resource/response teams work; and more.  Free of charge; general public welcome. Farcy building            


Feb. 5            


0900 - 1200 Hike to learn trails in Burton Acres Park and around Camp Burton.  CERT members Karen LeVasseur and Gail Dubin will be our navigators for this trek. Meet at Jensen Point Park (the boathouse) parking lot Dress for hiking in whatever weather and probable muddy trail conditions we might encounter.  Make sure your boots have good tread and bring trekking poles if you want them.
Feb. 10


 1800 - 2200 Fire--Beyond the Basics:  fire behavior in a structure; thermal balance and flow-path control in firefighting; wildland fire behavior and resources; the interface of wildland and residential areas.  Lt. Rick Brown will take CERT knowledge to the next level with a quick review of fire principles plus these new topics to give us a bigger taste of the firefighting realm.  We'll burn a makeshift dollhouse to illustrate fire behavior. 


Farcy building Dress for the weather; we'll be outside for a short time
February 19 and March 12


0900 - 1200 Command Post Leadership (two parts; attend both)
Learn to competently organize teams and run a post when CERT has multiple command posts.  Become comfortable with the forms, team organization/prep/deployment, communications with net control and CERT Manager, and being host at a location that could see citizens walking in with various problems, reports and/or resources.


Dockton 58 Fire Station Bring a clipboard of any type, and pen.  Review the "CERT Organization" section of your textbook.  Dress in layers for a morning in a funky fire station.
Feb. 24  1800 - 2200 Triage.  A thorough review of triage principles and steps, then a carefully-paced walk-through to establish a full-scale field station for both triage and treatment.  CERT's medical specialist Susan Kutscher will guide this practice.  This session is prep for our field exercise on triage during the last weekend of April.


 Farcy building Bring kneepads if you want them for practicing attending to patients on the floor.  Review triage chapter of your FEMA CERT textbook before this class.
Feb. 25


0900 - 1200

Quick tours of two fire stations:  Dockton 58 and North 59.  Get familiar with physical plant so you can be comfortable working at that station if assigned there.  Generator training and practice will be at North after a tour there.  Tour starts at Dockton fire station; meet there at 0900.  After about 45 minutes, we'll caravan to North station #59.

Meet at Dockton 58 fire station Dress for whatever weather; we'll be outside for awhile at each fire station.
March 22

1000 Test of King County Activation System.  You will be asked to reply promptly via email or text regarding the phone, text and email messages you receive.  Messages will contain instructions for what to do if this were a real disaster, and we will update your contact information based on your email reply.  However, we'd prefer to have correct and all contact numbers for you BEFORE this test, so please notify Jan Milligan in advance if your contact email and phones have recently changed.

Well before this test, notify Jan Milligan of any changes to your phone numbers or email address
March 25 all day  CERT Leadership Summit - an array of seminars.  Sponsored by Washington State Citizens Corps.  At Pierce College in Tacoma.  Free training; great networking with CERT members and leaders from other communities.    
Pierce College in Tacoma As soon as details are available from the State of Washington, we will post them here

April 2


0900 - 1200 Hike to learn trails in Maury Island's newest park lands, "the old Glacier property" with Lizzy Corliss (super triple crown hiker and CERT member) Meet at trailhead across street from Dockton Marina
Dress for whatever weather and/or muddy trail conditions we might encounter. Make sure your boots have good tread and bring trekking poles if you want them.

April 13


1800 - 2130
Basic First Aid
Learn wound care and other first aid basics, CPR and Heimlich for choking.  Offered by Medic First Aid International.  Vern Trevellyan, instructor.  $42 per person.  Includes a first aid manual.  This is NOT an official CERT class, but is recommended.   
EOC Sign up with Vern Trevellyan, ctrevellyan@comcast.net

April 21


1800 - 2200

Intro to FRS Radio and Communications in CERT
Learn what FRS is, how little "walkie-talkies" work, protocols for on-air conversations, and how we use FRS in CERT.  You'll also get a glimpse at the big picture of CERT radio and phone communications in our missions, and why Ham radio is a better standard for communication from CERT to a central communications point on the island.  Instructors are Ham gurus John Galus and Micahel Meyer.


April 28


1800 - 2200

Vashon Island Maps and Addressing System
Learn to read and use island road and neighborhood maps, how Vashon's address system works, and CERT protocols for giving directions (what VIFR uses).  Lots of table-top practice finding addresses and routes.  Instructor is Assistant Chief Bob Larsen.

April 29


Saturday evening



 1830 - 2200 Mass Casualty Incident - field exercise observation
VIFR Lt Rick Brown invites CERT to observe and serve as safeties for the Fire Explorer's mass casualty exercise.  Briefing for CERT at 1830 near main dining hall (Rounds Hall) at Camp Sealth.            

The exact nature of the exercise is planned but not announced so that the Explorers will have the element of surprise.  Disaster will commence after 1900.             

Camp Sealth. 


Drive more than a mile down camp road all the way to the beach.  Ample parking there; Jan M will be there to show you where to park.
Bring usual outdoor attire and gear, especially flashlight and/or headlamp.  Also rain gear if wet weather.  Suggest crummy shoes; we will likely be in wet terrain.
April 30


Sunday morning
 0830 - 1100

Mass Casualty Incident - field exercise
VIFR Lt Rick Brown will run a second exercise with the Fire Explorers in which CERT can again observe and/or serve as safeties.  Briefing for CERT at 0830 near main dining hall (Rounds Hall) at Camp Sealth.

The exact nature of this exercise is entirely different from Saturday evening; again not announced so that the Explorers have the element of surprise. 

Camp Sealth            

Same location - see April 29 above

Bring usual outdoor attire and gear, including rain gear if wet weather.

May 19



1800 - 2200

CERT Command Posts at VIFR Facilities:  our responsibilities at a VIFR station, how to protect the equipment there, what CERT roles and functions could be at a CP, equipment available to us, and dealing with the array of people, issues and opportunities that could present themselves at a fire station in a disaster situation.

 Dockton 58 fire station
We'll be outside for at least an hour of this training; dress for the weather.

May 21 and 27

Sunday & Sat.

0830 - 1400

Island Assessment:  review of the new 2017 routes and critical locations, and practice driving 1-2 routes with a buddy to assess damage and other conditions.  Practice reporting conditions via radio.  This training is the same on both dates, but you can practice different routes if you attend both.  All CERT members should learn this system.  If you did not participate in Cascadia Rising as a CERT volunteer, nor attend the January 2017 update on the system, you should take this class.  Island-wide assessment is a foundation of CERT's role in a disaster that causes widespread damage.

We'll be driving and walking routes and practicing calling-in reports.

June 4


0900 - 1200
Hike to learn trails in Agren and Wingehaven Parks.  Meet at Agren at 0900 to start the morning
Agren Park (to Wingehaven second)
Dress for the weather and whatever trail conditions we may encounter.  Make sure your boots have good tread, and bring trekking poles if you want them.

June 11


0830 - 1400

Major disaster response exercise - scenario will be kept a mystery.  CERT members will receive an activation call at 0730 that will indicate what has happened, what we are needed for, and where you should report.  Be ready for something, but you'll have an hour to finish gathering what you need and make your way to the location we will specify.

Top secret until 0730 activation call
Dress and gear for any weather

June 25


Outdoor Skills:  CANCELLED

July 14


1800 - 2100

Medical skills:  care of patients with emergencies related to various illnesses:  cardio-vascular, diabetes, respiratory, seizures, strokes, severe allergic reactions, etc.

TIP FOR YOU:  Post this number at home & cell phone:  The Poison Center  1-800-222-1222  (formerly called Poison Control)  Provides free advice in poisoning emergencies and information on poisoning prevention.  24/7/365...a nationwide network of poison centers, all with the same phone number.

Dockton Water Association building.  On Windmill St (one block south of Dock St) and just west of 97th SW.  Short distance up from Dockton Marina
Classroom session

August 19


0800 - 1600

King County Sheriff SAR units will present a variety of training topics required for all King Co search and rescue volunteers



August 26


0900 - 1200
Hike to learn trails in Shinglemill Preserve down to Fern Cove.  This trail is pretty steep in places, and some areas can be wet.  Hike is scheduled in August for a good reason.  We will plan to hike down to Fern Cove and back.  Slower hikers can choose to do just part of the route.
 Meet/park at east parking lot, just west of Vashon Hwy by V. Winery
Dress for the weather and whatever trail conditions we might encounter; make sure your boots have good tread and bring trekking poles if you want them.

September 9


Search Exercise - postponed until all Sheriff SAR trainings that can be presented on Vashon are done

September 13

Basic first aid - postponed IF YOU NEED FIRST AID training, contact Vern Trevellyan, ctrevellyan@comcast.net  who instructs basic courses on Vashon for just about anyone including youth

October 1


0900 - 1300
Hike to learn trails, access points, campsites and beach at Camp Sealth.  Thousands of youth stay at the camp each year, year-around.  If CERT is ever needed there, we need to know our way around.  Bring snacks or lunch; this will a 4-hour tour of the camp, most on foot, some by carpool.  The camp has more trails and territory than we can see in 4 hours, so the objective is to show you the big picture and a few routes.

 Meet at upper parking lot, about 3/4 mile west of Wax Orchard Rd on the main Camp Sealth road
Dress for the weather and whatever trail conditions we may encounter.  Make sure your boots have good tread and bring trekking poles if you want them. 

October 14


Indoor searches:  CANCELLED

October 27


1800 - 2200 House-to-House searches:  review protocols including team safety and communications, team organization and roles, conversations with residents, and reporting via phone and radio.  Then practice searching mock "residences" and responding to various types of people and situations.


November 11


 0830 - 1400

Vashon's Emergent Volunteer Center:  introduction to how the new volunteer center will work.  Learn how spontaneous (emergent) volunteers will be received, screened and referred or matched with jobs in a disaster situation.  As a starting model, this new Volunteer Center will likely be staffed by a few CERT members in a major disaster (staffing could change in the future as functions for the V.C. are refined and changed, and as we can recruit new volunteers to help out.)

 TBD - probably a church or school

November 17


 1800 - 2200

 Year-End Session:
* Document and evaluate your personal training experience, skills, certifications and future needs
* Help shape training plans for 2018
* Celebration of our CERT year and recognition of volunteers, new "green shirts" and others

 TBD - somewhere fun

December 10


 0900 - 1200

Hike to learn more Maury Island trails
The park lands on Maury are extensive.  Our hope is that after the two Maury hikes in 2017, many more CERT members will have some familiarity with the terrain, trails and access points.

 Parking and meeting location TBD

 2018   The Basic CERT course will be offered again starting in January 2018.  We are leaning toward Saturday for a change of pace, and to attract people who have not been available for Friday evenings.  If you would like to help teach or coach segments of this course, let Jan Milligan know of your interest.  We need a few volunteers for fire, SAR and medical skills, and a dozen or more for the all-day drill which will be in late Feb or early March.  Precise dates for all this will be decided soon.  Farcy