Current VashonBePrepared Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Vicky de Monterey Richoux -President
  • Rick Wallace- Vice President
  • Donna Donnelly -Treasurer
  • Secretary - Cathy Rogers (departing)
  • At Large1 - Michael Sperazza
  • At large2 - vacant

General Board

    Ex Officio members

  1. EOC team lead -Rick Wallace
  2. Mass Care - Cathy Rogers (departing)
  3. CERT - Patricia Toovey
  4. NERO - Vicky de Monterey Richoux
  5. ACS - Michael Meyer
  6. MRC – John Osborn MD/Ina Oppliger
  7. VIFR Chief Charlie Krimmert
  8. VIEMA - Brigitte Schran-Brown
  9. VISD - Dan Chasan
  10. Food Bank - vacant
  11. Voice of Vashon - Luke McQuillin
  12. Chamber of Commerce - Cheryl Lubbert
  13. Up to 5 at-large directors

  14. John Cornelison
  15. Carolyn Wilber
  16. Lydia Aguilar Kirschner (starting in January)
  17. Michael Sperazza

Duties of the officers and board members are detailed in the VashonBePrepared bylaws. The Executive Committee holds public meetings monthly and the Board of Directors traditionally holds their public meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the 1st month of each quarter, i.e., in Jan, April, July and October.

Past Boards of Directors