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Jinna Risdal, PhD

Jinna Risdal, PhD is a retired Therapist, Educator, and Administrator who lives on Vashon Island. She is a graduate of University of Colorado and Union Graduate School. As School Counseling Program Coordinator, she facilitated the design, development, and implementation of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in a large, highly diverse urban school district. She wrote federal grants to increase funding for mental health resources in the district and served as the lead for the Crisis Team. As Coordinator for the Homeless Students Education Program, she ensured that the McKinney-Vento legislation mandates were implemented and wrote federal grants to increase program support. Jinna developed prevention curricula and taught graduate courses in School Counseling at several universities. Jinna is currently the Lead for the Community Care Team, the Mental Health division of the Medical Reserve Core under VashonBePrepared.

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