VashonBePrepared Volunteer Action Steps

VashonBePrepared is all about volunteering!

If you are motivated to help out, congratulations. Here is a list of actions you can take. There's many opportunities to start prepare yourself, your family and business, and neighborhood - but just start with one.  Consider enlisting another to work with and tackle these in any order you wish!

Action Steps

  • To get started as a volunteer, please register with this web site or complete the following information and email a version to: We'll contact you directly to explore your interests and suggest how you can get involved in helping Vashon become more resilient.
  • Attend our VashonBePrepared 101 course. Its a great introduction to the risks on the island and all the partners working on community preparedness.
  • Explore current volunteer openings with our various partners. We have lots of projects in need of your energy. Some are artistic and others are simple organization projects.
  • Ensure your family has taken basic preparedness steps as outlined in our Are your Ready section of the website. The more self-sufficient families there are on Vashon, the more emergency personnel will be able to focus their energies on the truly needy in a crisis.
  • Work with businesses to take basic business continuity steps.
  • Socialize with your neighbors and create basic communication lists so you can reach each other during times of limited communications availability. Who will care for your children, pets and livestock if you are stranded on the mainland for several days? You've just created a NERO.
  • Consider obtaining an amateur radio license allowing you to communicate with a network of others on and off island regardless of distance or reliance on external power or communication lines.
  • Take a CERT class to get advanced training and proactively help others during crises.
  • Learn about Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) by taking a free hour-long FEMA online course.
  • Investigate the courses at, on Code of Conduct, Know Before You Go, Spirit of Service, Physical Safety and more!

How You Can Help

The island has many nonprofits supporting people’s needs at this time. Those who are able may wish to support the work of one or more of them. See them on our donation page.

A Facebook page, Vashon COVID-19 Community Helpers, shares information and is a gathering place for prospective volunteers and those who need assistance.

Information will be updated as opportunities develop.

How You Can Help on Vashon

Island volunteers are often first responders to disasters on Vashon. In this emergency, you can help simply by being a phone buddy, stacking firewood by a back door, or picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. We can share a list of organizations looking for help.

We also need skilled folks to assist our established emergency organizations. We are looking for folks to help staff our Emergency Operations Center. And there is a call-out for licensed medical personnel to join the Medical Reserve Corps.

Volunteer by answering the questions to the right: What skills do you have, how would you like to help?  

Share this page with fellow Vashon friends and neighbors. Helping others is good for your health too and a rewarding, empowering experience.


If you have questions please email and a VashonBePrepared team member will reply to you.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Become a Volunteer

To get started as a volunteer, please answer the questions below and email them to: and a team member will contact you.

  • First & Last Name
  • Cell Phone
  • Landline Phone
  • Email
  • Provide a short summary of how you can support.

If you are a medical professional or have certified medical training please include your experience/certifications.

Our Community is Helping

How the Vashon community is helping during the COVID-19 emergency.

VashonBePrepared's all-volunteer coalition and all her partners actively support the Vashon community during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Volunteer needs will evolve as we navigate this health crisis, but may get undated on our Volunteer Needs page.

We are working with Public Health — Seattle & King County to help keep Vashon residents and volunteers safe. VashonBePrepared is the island's federally recognized Citizen Corps Council, and closely coordinate our response with Vashon Fire and Rescue and the King County Office of Emergency Management.