VashonBePrepared COVID Response

Our current information page with authoritative COVID advice is at

VashonBePrepared partners are all activated and working to help the Vashon community. We are currently starting up a number of branches (or teams) to work on various community efforts:

  • Publishing accurate COVID information
  • Supporting Neighborhoods
  • Supporting Island Healthcare
  • Stabilizing the Local Economy
  • Supporting Individual Workers
  • Maintaining a Common Operating Picture
See our regular Situation Reports and the pages of resources from these dedicated teams of volunteers in the sub-pages, as listed on the right.

Vashon EOC's Organization Chart

Our organization chart gets continually updated, but this gives you a feel for how we are organized. We adhere to the national standard for this, the Incident Command System. Click for a larger version of this.


Child Pages


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For Households and Neighbors

For Our Health

For Our Knowledge

For Our Mental Health

For Unemployed

Situation Reports